Assessments for Growth

Where are you in leadership? Who is following your leadership? What are their needs? How can you assist? These are important questions for leading as servants.

On this page, we give you assess to try out our examples. Your privacy is important and protected under Goggle Privacy policies. So enjoy the forms created for your viewing.

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Assessments in a Pandemic

Let us start with assessing. No matter whether it is COVID-19 or another type of disaster, knowing the needs within your organization is important in leadership. Try this example:

Assess the Current Needs of Your Members/Organization

Our book, “Servant Leadership NOW: Stepping Up Your Leadership Call” consists of several assessments and methods to help promote servant leadership growth. We begin with individualized evaluations. Take a glance as how useful these tools can be for planning and goal setting.

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Select From the List of Assessments and Begin
1. Individual Church Ministry Assessment
2. Church Leadership Self-Assessment
3. Individual Assessment of the Pastoral Ministry
4. Pastoral Self-Assessment

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