Project Participants

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Tasks to Do/CompleteEstimated Time to CompleteAvailable
Phase 1:
1.Consent Form (for FYI –
Click on link to view and your copy has been emailed to you)
5 MinutesYes
(Researcher emailed a copy to each participant)
2. Orientation Video (for FYI and viewing only)10 Minutes
3 Questionnaire (take questionnaire survey) 5 MinutesAugust 14-16
4. Survey #1 (take survey) 6 MinutesAugust 14-16
Phase 2: Complete Survey #2 and #3:
5. Survey #2 (take survey) 5 minutes
Not Yet
6. Survey #3 (take survey) 5 minutesNot Yet
Phase 3: Focus Group
7. Focus Group – via Zoom 30 minutes sessions with each groupWeek of September 13 – 25, 2021; Sessions have been scheduled; participants see your email for specific Groups and details)

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