The Stench is Unbearable

#servantleaders #servantleadship I imagine that the young man caught the smells of his environment as unpleasant to the natural nose.  But, more than that, he theorized that he did not have to remain in this situation, for he said in that text that his father’s servants were living better than he was at that moment.... Continue Reading →

You Are a Light!

Your Hands are His Hands Because you have chosen good and not evil, the Lord delights in your ways. Then Peter began to speak: "I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do not what is right (Acts 10:34 NIV).... Continue Reading →

I Know What You Did…

July 23, 2021 October 28, 2023 Update - Thinking "How Am I Doing?" - Checkin Based on a novel, a popular film was made, called "I Know What You Did Last Summer." For this summer, a few of us are on the "treadmill" in helping others in this post-pandemic (especially young people) who are going... Continue Reading →

July 21, 2021 Hopefully, you read my previous blog post (July 17, 2021; My Own Safe Space - For Real) to get some clarity about this blog post. For in the last days, I have been rediscovering the power of journaling as part of my wellness/mental health program. For years, that was my mental health... Continue Reading →

My Own Safe Space – for REAL!

July 17, 2021 I attended the “Safe Spaces for Children/Youth/Young Adults Session II” virtual training.  Stacey Hall-McLeod was the facilitator.  Two other presenters, Mildred and Ted (dispensing with their titles as Ministers) also shared their strategies for creating safe spaces for lifting young people voices.  As the Session II group, we practiced the strategy of... Continue Reading →

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