Team Work

I am Gardenia T. Bulluck.

Families are team-supported. In education, I had a team of supporters. In business, I had team support. In ministry, I have been blessed with supporters. In this journey, God has supplied me with a group of people whose interest is the same as mine – Be about God’s kingdom. I am blessed to have the leadership and encouragement of this group. They lend their skill set and experiences. Most of all, they are prayer warriors dedicated to their individual ministries, businesses, and Christian development of others. Meet the core supporters who provide others with a wide range of skills and experiences. We all love what we do, and we do it with passion.
My focus is Curriculum Coordinator for advancing Servant Leadership & Development in ministry and Christians. I enjoy Christian writing. I am a family-oriented person; retired educator; Founder/CEO of Better Angels, LLC; ordained minister; Pastor Assistant; and the author of Servant Leadership NOW – “Stepping Up Your Leadership Call.”

Meet Keith Butler

Pastor, Christian Educator, & Consultant; Called into ministry at the young age of 16; Pastor of Logos Ministry in Miami Gardens, Florida; husband, father and mentor

Minister Sarah McIntosh

Education and Family Mentor; National Instructor of Christian Education; Pastor’s Assistant; Prayer Warrior

Our Beloved Dr. L. Corridon – Memorial

Church Pastor, Organizer, Prayer Warrior, Life Coach, Retired Educator, Author, CEO/Founder of Doxy Ministry International, Inc.

Was Instructor of Monthly Sessions on Understanding Signs of Abuse

You are sorely missed.

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