Virtual Training 2023 for Servant Leaders

Welcome to Virtual Servant Leaders Training 2023! We are excited to bring this training right into your safe space for learning and sharing. This training’s focus is on change that embraces and empowers you through the maze of life. It is our desire to provide supportive and personal lessons in this season to remind you that you are not alone in going through the maze of life. It is our desire to reach out and close the gap across cultures as servants of God.

This virtual training was scheduled for October 21, 2023, from 11:00a.m. – 2:00 p.m. With virtual tools, we are able to go beyond these time restraints. In this packet, we are able to make the materials accessible for what we believe will still be a rich and meaningful learning experience. Through virtual tools i.e., YouTube, Zoom, WordPress and social media platforms, we share our learning and experiences toward in that goal; the primary purpose is a God-focus for bringing and encouraging souls for the kingdom. We welcome your feedback, stories, and comments for learning.

Grab your favorite tools and begin the experience of virtual learning with us.

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The Agenda

Scripture Reading: Psalm 91 – Audio version – Click to hear the scripture.

Prayer for Wisdom and Understanding – Heavenly Father, thank you for the person(s) who come to enjoy Your teaching. We pray that the Holy Spirit with teach and guide our thoughts and mind. You, Heavenly Father, are able to speak to all of us as an audience of one and speak to each of us as individuals. Speak, Oh, Lord according to Your tender mercies. We desire learning that comes from You for Kingdom growth. Fill us with Your love, wisdom and understanding of this knowledge so that we draw for the Kingdom and please You. In the name Jesus Christ, we humbly ask. Amen.

Getting Started with the Videos and Handouts – There are three videos for this training session. Each video focuses on change; how it is personal and impactful in daily lives of ordinary people. Each video comes with a handout in support of change and its impact.

Narrator-Facilitator – The narrator/facilitator of this virtual training is Gardenia T. Bulluck. The facilitator shares change from a personal perspective of ministry, family and caregiver.

Wellness – 3 John 1:2: “Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.”

Get the juices flowing through stretching the mind, body, and soul. Take note that the first five minutes of Video 1 is to apply stretching for building up the mind, body and spirit! Be sure to take advantage of those five minutes of music and stretching activity at the very beginning of Lesson 1.

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Video 1 – Empowering Leaders and Change – Lesson 1 -This is the first of three videos of Virtual Training 2023 for Servant Leaders. In this video, there are four thoughts. (1) servant leadership should lead beyond self; (2) individuals can meaningfully change and empower larger communities (i.e., hard of hearing and deaf communities); (3) individuals have the power to reduce stress and empower ministry and faith leaders locally and globally; (4) individuals can engage and create across cultures for realistic change by removing barriers for people.

Video 1 Empowering Leaders and Change – Lesson 1

Handout 1 – How Clergy and Congregations can Prevent Burnout for a Healthy Life

Take-aways – (1) Evaluate a change(s) that occurred in your life. What tools did you use to grow creatively? (2) What changes can you think of will result in better health? Do you have the will power to make those change(s)? What resources do you need to employ to move you forward for that change(s)? (3) After three months, how will you evaluate the change(s)?

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Video 2 – This is the second of three videos of the Virtual Training 2023 for Servant Leaders. In this video, Embracing Change as New Cheese – Lesson 2, I employ you to think about change as a natural part of your maze (your world). I share my short story, as a caregiver, in A Caregiver’s Story handout, to highlight how moving my “cheese” caused me to re-evaluate how I was to function in ministry while prioritizing family. You are also asked a series of questions for reflecting upon change, including “activity vs productivity” as it relates to the process of change.

Video 2 Embracing Change for New Cheese – Lesson 2

Handout 2 – A Caregiver’s Story

Take-aways – (1) How has ministry impacted you? (2) What would be a reason(s) for you to minister to others? (3) How do you view fellowship?

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Video 3 – This is the third and final video for Virtual Training 2023 for Servant Leaders. In this video, the primary focus is centered around three important factors pertaining to levels of movement in relation to change: love, faith and prayer. I share my short story, ‘Shut in but not Shut Out’ as a witness to the impact of virtual ministry during a season of shut in.

There is much controversy about online ministry. As far as I can recall, it has always been problematic to some and a preaching message for and against. In the context of ministry and evangelism, I have encountered people who became congregants of local ministries because of televised ministries who employed them to seek fellowship with a local church. Wherever we are placed to serve, we must do so with the love and compassion of God. We must pray and be led by the Holy Spirit for ministering and walking as servants of His. It is God’s faithfulness that gives us hope.

Video 3Embracing Change for Levels of Movement – Lesson 3

Handout 3 – Shut In But Not Shut Out

Take-aways – We welcome your feedback. Sharing is caring. If led by the Holy Spirit, invite others to this training.

Special recognition to Servant Leaders who are in the trenches and daily serve for the Kingdom.

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