TODAY, it is time…it is the season of NOW! NOW is the time to step into your purpose – not withdraw. You have been purposely placed in the space of TIME… and Time moves. Seconds turn into minutes; minutes turn into hours; hours turn into days; days turn into weeks; weeks turn into years; years turn into decades. What will you do NOW with the time you have been given? Is this your time of harvesting and reaping? Yes, it is! You can not retreat because you feel inadequate or uncomfortable. It is not about your feelings. It is about your calling. NOW is the time to submit yourself to God for your service to others.

You may have been pondering or know someone that asks should, how , where, and why? It is ok to ask the right questions. The answer is to get the tools that help you grow deeper into your calling. We are human; after thirty more days, you may still have doubts. It takes a leap of faith- not in yourself but in God. This is your NOW season. This is your affirmation that you can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. Pondering will only get you more wondering.

G. T. Bulluck

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