Gardenia’s Garden Podcast Episode #2 Turn and Live

  What does it take to live?  Am I living simply because I have breath in my body?  Of course, not.  I am more than that.  Does it mean that my living must be entangled with yours?  Does the son bear the guilt of the father?  Does the father bear quilt of the son?  IsContinue reading “Gardenia’s Garden Podcast Episode #2 Turn and Live”

Gardenia’s Garden Podcast Episode #1 Welcome

  I believe that we, as servant leaders, are more viable that ever before in this season.  In fact, a year ago, God allowed me to author some of my concepts in my first book, Servant Leadership NOW: “Stepping Up Your Leadership Call.”  It is available in hardcopy and downloadable platform. You can purchase itContinue reading “Gardenia’s Garden Podcast Episode #1 Welcome”

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