PPP Funding for Churches and Non-Profits

Although this webinar is presented by the City of Lauderhill, FL, this information is useful in this environment of the pandemic. Please share or refer back to our website for accessing at https: bulluckg.com/blog #bulluckg.com #ppp Note: You can forward this recorded video instead of waiting (about 5:22 for a starting point). https://www.facebook.com/cityoflauderhill/videos/317101203051079/?__so__=channel_tab&__rv__=latest_videos_card

Virtual Ministry -Building Upon Resources

#virtualministry #servantleadership #onlinelearning You can click on my link https://bulluckg.com/elearning/ and take a look at some creative ways ministries are virtually evangelizing and connecting. The reality is most Protestant congregations in the United States are comprised of less than 200 members (Pew Research). Only about 10% of congregations have over 500 members. Yet, both types of congregations... Continue Reading →

Did I Ask for This?

II Kings 4:8-37 #didIaskForthis #Elishatheprophet #Shunammitewoman Much of this scripture tells the story of the encounter of a wealthy woman, identified as the Shunammite woman, and Elisha, a well-known prophet of Israel.    It is suggested by her character that she was a discerning woman for she noticed that the man of God, Elisha, and his... Continue Reading →

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